The ATHENA® Leadership Award Program

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders


What Hosts Have to Say

“It is the focus on mentorship that sets this award apart from any other. There are other award programs in place that recognize the achievements of women, but the ATHENA Award recognizes efforts made to open doors of leadership opportunity for other women in the community.”

Rosemary Corsetti

The Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Deciding to become part of the ATHENA Award Program was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made at the chamber. ATHENA International has made it so easy for us to recognize those individuals who have taken the time in this busy world to involve and encourage women to become active and assume leadership roles. Not only has the media given us front-page coverage, but I’ve witnessed a bond forming between our Recipients to work together and seek out even more opportunities to mentor women. It’s been a great opportunity to enhance our chamber by offering this prestigious award.”

Cindy Tenwald

Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce,
Lima, Ohio

“It’s been a real shot in the arm for this community. Since the chamber introduced the program, outstanding achievers have been honored, and women are being recognized by numerous organizations through selection to leadership positions. Now, more women feel encouraged to seek those positions.”

Terence Roche

Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce
Watertown, New York

“In San Francisco the ATHENA Award® Program is administered by the College of Business at San Francisco State University. The program allows me as dean of the college to participate in recognizing extraordinary leadership in our region and thus provide role models for our students, both women and men. The program is an extraordinary opportunity for the University’s involvement in the community.”

Ray Maghroori, Ph.D.

Former Dean, College of Business,
San Francisco State University,
San Francisco, California

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