The ATHENA® Leadership Award Program

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders


Step by Step Guide

Complete License Agreement

Return the license agreement and the annual license fee to ATHENA International. This gives your organization permission to use the ATHENA copyrighted materials and protects the quality and integrity of the ATHENA Leadership Award Program. Before you begin, contact Emily Harris for an ATHENA Award Program License.
Select your ATHENA Liaison

Choose a point person to oversee the ATHENA Leadership Award Program in your community.

Establish Planning Committee
This group oversees the logistics, publicity, sponsor recruitment and Recipient selections.

Select Event Date

Inform ATHENA International of the date for your ATHENA Leadership Award presentation.

Obtain Local Sponsorship

National underwriters often sponsor local ATHENA Leadership Award events in the communities they serve. While they are always offered the first invitation for local sponsorship, securing additional sponsors is encouraged. Many communities offer multiple sponsorships using tiered levels.

Encourage Local Publicity

Encourage the local sponsor(s) and organizational partners to promote the event in all of their advertising and press releases. Provide written press releases for this purpose.

Call for Nominations

Utilize your community’s resources to reach as many people as possible when seeking nominees for the ATHENA Leadership Award.

Establish Selection Committee

The duty of this group is to review the nominations and through a series of discussions and written ballots determine the award Recipient.

Order ATHENA Sculpture

Order your sculpture once you have selected your Recipient. A sculpture order form will be sent to you upon receipt of your license and payment. Engraving is included in your license.

Order Committee/Nominee Gifts

Order gifts from the ATHENA Merchandise line for your Recipient and nominees.

Identify Keynote Speaker

Arrange for a speaker to deliver an address and congratulate your Recipient.

Presentation Follow-up

Submit Recipient information to ATHENA International for inclusion in our database. Send any program articles, pictures or press releases for inclusion in our monthly eNews.

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