The ATHENA® Leadership Award Program

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders

Obtaining Local Sponsors

Some host organizations ask their sponsor(s) to underwrite only the cost of the sculpture, while others create a menu of opportunities that brings multiple sponsors and enough financial support to fully fund their event. The sponsors’ level of participation determines how much they receive in return. Recruit sponsors by offering:

  • Seat on the ATHENA Leadership Award Program and/or Selection Committee.
  • Opportunity to present the award.
  • Visual presence in all printed materials, including event signage and banner
  • Special recognition in the event invitation and program.
  • Complimentary event tickets with corporate table opportunity.
  • Article recognizing the sponsor in a local newspaper.
  • Special mention and recognition on the host organization’s Web site.

Whether the event is large or small, the opportunities to attract sponsors are limitless. The ATHENA Award Program offers built-in flexibility that we encourage you to use to your advantage.

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