The ATHENA® Leadership Award Program

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders


Thank you for hosting the ATHENA Leadership Award Program and illuminating the exemplary leadership of ATHENA Nominees and Recipients in your community.

We have added several new programs in the past few years that are designed to complement the ATHENA Award Programs and support women leaders in your community. If you are interested in expanding your current offering of programs, please contact ATHENA to discuss options.

To begin your 2017 ATHENA Award Program process, please follow this link to the 2017 ATHENA Award Program License Terms and Conditions and 2017 ATHENA AWARD Program License Invoice.

Please note the following:

  • Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery of your sculpture once you submit a sculpture order form. Sculptures ordered less than three weeks before your event WILL result in a $50 fee plus additional shipping fees!
ATHENA Leadership Award Program License renewal (including one ATHENA Leadership Award) = $1,350. Additional ATHENA Leadership awards = $650. The ATHENA Young Professional Leadership award and ATHENA Organizational Leadership awards each = $250. For example, if you renewed your ATHENA Award Program license, and requested one ATHENA Young Professional Leadership award your total would = $1,600.

  • Licenses must be submitted with payment.


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