The ATHENA® International Womens Leadership Day

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders

The inaugural ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day was held in Akron and Cleveland in the fall of 2009 with established and emerging women leaders in attendance. Since then more events have been held. Find out how you can have a Women's Leadership Day event in your city.

Communities across ATHENA International’s global footprint will celebrate ATHENA International Women’s Leadership Day by hosting a new ATHENA event. In most cities it will be a lunch, though some communities may opt to host a leadership breakfast, dinner, etc.

While each event will have its own unique characteristics across participating communities, the premise and core essence of this program will be the same everywhere. Each event will encourage an established woman leader to invite an emerging woman leader to attend the event as her guest. Each event may have a brief speaker about the ATHENA International leadership principles, recognition of ATHENA Award Recipients, Nominees and sponsors, followed by a meal. The organizers of the event may choose to have the women participate in group discussion where they share ideas on leadership styles and principles.

Attendee Benefits

  • Emerging leaders network with established leaders
  • Established leaders identify, support and mentor emerging leaders
  • Attendees build bridges across professional sectors and generations

Host Benefits

  • International and local press for your participation in a women’s leadership event happening simultaneously around the globe
  • Proceeds from the event support a local charity, scholarship, endowment fund, women’s foundation, or the hosting organization
  • Opportunity to identify emerging leaders for programs, memberships, board positions, awards
  • As more women leaders become familiar with ATHENA International, support for your local ATHENA programs will increase
Sponsor Benefits
  • Sponsors receive media, program and printed material advertising
  • All sponsors will be honored at the event
  • Event photos and listing of all sponsors will be placed on the ATHENA International web site for one year

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