ATHENA® Leadership Forum

Supporting, Honoring and Developing Women Leaders

The ATHENA Leadership Forum celebrates women helping women and provides a platform for women leaders to make meaningful connections with one another through networking and round table discussions.  We invite established leaders to host an emerging leader for the opportunity to open the doors of conversation, network, support one another and ultimately build a community.


The ATHENA Leadership Forum is rooted in the ATHENA Leadership Model and focuses on having experienced women leaders meet and mentor emerging women leaders.  Created by established women leaders wishing to mentor and develop the next generation of women leaders, ATHENA Women’s Leadership Day celebrates women helping women and provides a forum for women leaders to make meaningful connections with one another. 


While each event will have its own unique characteristics across participating communities, the premise and core essence of this program will be the same everywhere: an established woman leader invites an emerging woman leader to attend the lunch as her guest.  A brief speaker introduces ATHENA Leadership Model Principles and attendees share ideas on leadership at table discussions. Emerging women leaders come away from the event equipped with invaluable support, connections and community.

Attendee Benefits
  • Emerging leaders meet established leaders and one another

  • Emerging leaders receive support,  make connections and build community

  • Established leaders identify, support and mentor emerging leaders

  • Attendees build bridges across professions and generation

Host Benefits

  • International and local press for your participation in a  women’s leadership event happening simultaneously around the globe
  • Proceeds from the event support a local charity, scholarship,  endowment fund, women’s foundation, or the hosting organization
  • Opportunity to identify emerging leaders for programs, memberships, board positions, award

Sponsor Benefits

  • Sponsors receive media, program and printed material advertising 
  • Sponsors will be honored at the event


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